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Flavio Moretto


Our team deeply loves and understands our work, prioritizing client needs. Renowned for professionalism and strong partnerships, we offer high-level services in insurance, finance, and risk management. Our strength lies in personalized advisory, anticipating and solving issues for clients. We aim to be strategic allies, providing tailored solutions that ensure client satisfaction and loyalty.

IBBC <strong>BROKERS</strong>


Insurance brokerage and risk consulting services for Italian and foreign individuals and companies
FMoretto <strong>Consulting</strong>

FMoretto Consulting

Mortgage Advice for Foreigners in Italy, Financial Advisor, Family Office Consulting

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We are a team of people who know and deeply love our work, fully understanding the needs and expectations of our clients.

Recognised for its great professionalism and strong relationships with the best partners in the national and international arena, the agency draws on a range of professional skills to provide clients with a high level of service and assistance in the various fields of insurance, finance and risk management.

One of our strengths is certainly our customised and unique advisory service, based on the needs and wishes of our clients.

Knowing how to intercept clients’ needs, understanding what problems they may encounter even before they arise and arriving with ready and operational solutions.

Anticipating their needs, trying to offer increasingly integrated services with high added value. There is a big difference between simply being an external provider of a service and being, on the contrary, a true consultant, a trusted person, an ally of the company in creating value for the business. It is necessary to go beyond the very concept of consultant to that of strategic ally.

All proposed solutions, after careful and in-depth analysis, are ‘tailored’ to the particular and specific needs of the customer.

With us a customer enters…. but a relative leaves!

Independent Financial Advisor - enrolled in OCF on 14.05.2021 with resolution 1918 of 04.05.2022 nr. 630046
Insurance Broker registered with IVASS Section B nr. 000609294 -
ANRA Risk Manager Training Course -
FERMA Rimap Certified Risk Manager nr. 20200262
EFPA ESG Advisor certification on 31.03.2022
Qualified Family Officer AIFO
Court-appointed Technical Consultants (CTU) of the Civil Court of Brindisi
Popular Judge at the Civil Court of Lecce (Italy)
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Mortgage Advice for Foreigners in Italy

Risk Management

Financial Advisor

Insurance Broker

Family Office

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AIFO Qualified Family Officer
Iscr. Albo OCF CFA n.1918 del 04.05.2022 matr.630046 – RUI IVASS B000609294

P.IVA 02580590749

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